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Our industry leading guarantee is simple..."if you aren't satisfied with the service, we'll make it right!" Whether that consists of re-cleaning requested areas or re-doing the entire job, repairing or replacing any damage that occurred, or refunding the bill completely. We Stand By Our Word. 

Dear future customer,

I started this company with one, heart-driven, sole intent and that is to provide you and all of our wonderful clients the most trusted, reliable, and thorough cleaning source in all of Orange County. To be a true household name amongst family and friends as a reputable service, one that can be passed around freely with full, unwavering support. I, as an owner, and we as a company strive to go above and beyond in every which way to make our customers feel like family and show we appreciate them just as they appreciate us and all our hard work. I'm very proud of our team and their commitment to demonstrate unparalleled customer service on a daily basis and provide our customers with 100% satisfaction, something I personally guarantee. With so many vendors nowadays, it's become excruciating for any customer to navigate through google searches or review sites to find a service that will perform professionally and get the job done right but give us a shot and I promise we'll do just that. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Jordan Waterman


c. (949) 395 - 4163

Jordan Waterman of OCD Home, Inc.


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"OUTSTANDING EXPERIENCE!! I was absolutely blown away with the transformation of our tile and grout. They went above and beyond, truly deserve their 5 stars and I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you again guys" Troy Schmidt, Public Adjusters of Southern California Troy Schmidt 5 Star Customer Review

"OCDHome did the BEST job ever cleaning our carpet and upholstery! Modern, high-tech, and professional and the technicians were very friendly and conscientious."Cari Castillo, Orange County Association of Realtors Cari Castillo 5 Star Customer Review
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What's the best carpet cleaning method?


PROS: Look for a honest company that utilizes the most advanced truck mounted hot water extraction or "steam cleaning" equipment available with the deepest, green cleaning products and have superior knowledge and work ethic, like us at OCD Home -

Orange County Carpet Cleaning

DID YOU KNOW? ...that "steam cleaning" is the ONLY preferred method of carpet manufacturers and in some cases, may void your warranty using any other method. 


FAUXS: Stay away from shady bait & switch tactic companies with dirty equipment and outdated machines that have little to no extraction. Their highly toxic chemicals soak in your carpet leaving a sticky residue that attracts dirt to itself, sometimes causing areas to look dirtier than before they were "cleaned."



What do I have to do to prepare? Do I have to vacuum?


PROS: No preparation is necessary, our experts can help handle everything on arrival! However, we do recommend moving loose articles and belongings to a safe place away from the areas being cleaned. The customer is also welcome to conduct a light vacuuming in the traffic areas but it is not required as our experts will pre-vacuum the areas to be cleaned. Our equipment is also constantly vacuuming at a high velocity the entire cleaning process.

FAUXS: Companies that don't properly educate their customers on how to prepare for their cleaning leave customers uneasy about their role in the process and in most cases, leave the customers doing unnecessary cleaning beforehand.



How long does the process take?


PROS: Our crews are the most thorough yet efficient as humanly possible. Cleaning times will always vary as there are many factors such as type of material, how soiled that material is, if spot removal is necessary, or how much furniture needs to be moved. Typically, a room takes about 15-20min per to be cleaned. 

FAUXS: Unfit or unknowledgeable technicians can slow down the process drastically and extend a companies presence at your home by hours. 



Is it true that my carpet will soil faster after it's cleaned?


PROS: False. That is the result of improper rinsing leaving residues within the carpet and attracting dirt to itself. Our green certified product and improvised cleaning techniques along with the most advanced, powerful hot water extraction system available allows us to leave little to NO residue.

FAUXS: That very 'myth' originates from most companies that have one or all three of the following flaws, causing their customers to have rapid soiling carpets; Old or cheap equipment, heavy & harsh chemicals, or/and poor knowledge and expertise.



Will spots return?


PROS: If addressed properly and extracted correctly, no spots should return. However, if a substance has penetrated into the padding, it may "wick" back to the surface and once again attract dirt to itself. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing your issues and acting accordingly, possibly performing what's called a "pad flush" to completely correct the problem area on contact. Commonly used for pet urine and/or heavy liquid spills. In such cases, please contact us immediately at (949) 472 - 9434.

FAUXS: When proper cleaning techniques are ignored and/or bad equipment and/or harsh chemicals are used, the customer is bound to have spots resurfacing or "wicking" and patches of brown rings forming in the carpet or "browning out".



Do you guarantee spots or stains will be removed?


PROS: In most cases, we are generally able to remove all spots and stains however we cannot guarantee that all spots or stains will be removed, as the age and type of carpet causes this to vary as well as substances that may permanently discolor the carpet fibers. Also, our technicians inform every customer of any spot or stain that wasn't able to be removed and documented within their account.

FAUXS:  Most leave customers with spots and stains throughout the entire property, that would of been able to been removed with the right knowledge. Also, any company that guarantees they can remove "everything" is already beginning on a false statement so your due diligence is required when selecting a cleaning provider. 



Will my carpet have ripples and bubbles after the cleaning?


PROS: No, as the carpet dries, these bubbles or ripples should start to disappear and lay flat again. If this occurs, it is a sign that the carpet was in need of restretching prior to the cleaning process. If these ripples or bubbles remain after carpet is completely dry, once again, please contact us immediately at (949) 472 - 9434.

FAUXS:  Most leave customers with spots and stains throughout the entire property, that would of been able to been removed with the right knowledge. Also, any company that guarantees they can remove "everything" is already beginning on a false statement so your due diligence is required when selecting a cleaning provider. 



Do you use safe products?


PROS: Yes. We know this is your home so we are sure to use only child, pet, & asthma friendly products. We also use these products daily ourselves so we are persistent in using mostly green-sealed approved.

FAUXS: Most "fauxs" use highly toxic and harmful chemicals that are known to damage carpet fibers and possibly even cause allergic reactions to the customer.



What's a typical dry-time?


PROS: Our drytimes are the best in the industry due to our thorough and different techniques as well as an unbeatable work ethic. Dry times are generally 4-8 hours.

FAUXS: Unextracted residue and moisture leaves a customers carpet saturated for an unnecessary amount of time, in some cases longer than 72 hours. Also, the carpets tend to dry feeling "crunchy" and having an odor.



What do you consider a room / area?


PROS: Our prices our based on a room / area being up to 150 sqft. Anything larger than that will be priced accordingly and our technicians as well as our team manager, Aubrey, try to give the most accurate quote possible and will always review and confirm the amount being charged before any work is performed.

FAUXS: This is where customers can be subject to bait & switch pricing and hidden charges or high pressure sales tactics. Make sure to ask exactly what's covered in the price per room.



Will you be on time and stay in good communication with me at all times?


PROS: We understand your time is valuable so our technicians make sure to keep a tight schedule and stay as punctual as possible. We try to give our customers the most achievable time-window available and always call ahead to give an exact estimated time of arrival. However, every job is different and may require more or less time than allowed, and in such cases, we are efficient at alerting you and either designating a different, agreed on time-window or rescheduling entirely. 

FAUXS: They'll give you a 8 hour time-window...and still no call, no show. It's typical with poorly managed cleaning companies. Unprofessional to say the least.



Who will be performing the work?


PROS: Our highly trained, certified, uniformed, english speaking, licensed & insured technicians.

FAUXS: Usually plain-clothed, untrained, shady technicians with bad attitudes that are hard to communicate with. 



Do you move furniture and will you be careful with my property and belongings?


PROS: We use corner guards to protect your walls, tie offs to protect your stairs, walk off mats and teflon glides on our wands to protect your floors, and booties to not dirty the areas we aren't cleaning. Our technicians are extremely careful of our customers homes and respect the properties interior and exterior. We also move as much furniture as possible and place the furniture back down on plastic tabs or foam blocks to prevent damage. As a liability, OCDHome® does NOT move large / heavy items or expensive / delicate items such as; bed frames, dressers, bookshelves, dining tables, workout equipment, pool tables, perfume and jewelry display cases, high-end art, etc. 

FAUXS: Customers have reported chipped walls and corners, scratched or cracked floors, damaged upholstery, and other nightmare situations. What's worse is these companies often do not confess to the damage and try to place blame on the homeowner, ensuing lawsuits and legal battles that are highly costly and stressful, and sometimes unsuccessful, leaving the customer to still pay for the repairs.



Can I trust you in my home?


PROS: Absolutely. Of course, each technician is fully insured and thoroughly background checked, but above that, instilled with integrity. Our customers consistently leave us in their homes worry free with their money, jewelry, guns, children, etc. loose. because honesty is the root of friendship and our customers are our friends.

FAUXS: Usually customers feel like they have to lock all the drawers or cabinets and put away all the valuables and still kind of watch to keep an eye out while the cleaning is conducted.



Are you licensed and insured?


PROS: Licensed and insured, so in the case of an accident, our customers have piece of mind that it will be handled correctly and promptly.

FAUXS: Another corner that "fauxs" cut is NOT paying for insurance, leaving the customer liable for any damages that might occur.



Why should I choose OCDHome® over all the other companies?


PROS: The greatest (carpet) cleaner in the world has to have the combination of three things; Knowledge, Work Ethic, & the right Products & Equipment. People can rely on us to ALWAYS maintain all three. To show up at the 3rd or 4th job with the same attitude and energy we have at the 1st. Our technicians have extensive knowledge, the greatest meticulous, efficient work ethics, and the best attitudes while using the newest, most advanced equipment with the safest, deepest cleaning products, all backed by our family-owned & operated OCDHome® 'Every Inch™ 100% Guarantee'.

FAUXS: ...hmm, maybe try scrolling up and reading the FAUXS again or better yet, give us a call.



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