The OCDHome® Way Guarantees...

- High Quality Professional Service
- Industry Leading Technology & Techniques
- IICRC Certified Highly Trained Technicians
- Friendly & Communicative Customer Service
- Flexible Scheduling
- Local Family Owned & Operated
- Licensed & Insured


Professional Carpet Cleaning

  • We will call you before departure to confirm an exact estimated time of arrival.

  • Upon arrival, we'll greet you and conduct a walkthrough of your property, tallying work you requested and noting any problem areas or things of your concern.

  • As a precaution, we will place corner guards on your wall corners to prevent damage and walk off mats between areas so we preserve your floors between areas not being cleaned.

  • At that time, we will also be creating drying conditions as well as moving as much furniture and loose articles as possible. For liability reasons, OCDHome® does NOT move large / heavy items or expensive / delicate items such as; bed frames, dressers, bookshelves, dining tables, workout equipment, pool tables, perfume and jewelry display cases, high-end art, etc.

  • Once the areas are prepped and equipment is setup, we start with removing the "dry soil" by pre-vacumming the areas being cleaned. After, to allow for extraction, your technician will begin pre-treating the carpet with a safe, non-toxic, and powerful cleaning solution that breaks down oils, grease, dirt, etc. and kills bacteria, fleas, and other particles within your carpet fibers.

  • Utilizing the most advanced truck mounted hot water extraction system, or "steam cleaning", we will use extreme pressure, high heat, and intense suction to flush and extract all contamination from your carpet without leaving a sticky residue, while restoring the carpets look and feel and returning the PH levels to normal.

  • Throughout our entire cleaning process, we use our expertise and pay detailed attention to any 'Specialty Spot & Stains' and by addressing and treating them properly, we are able to remove them entirely.

  • If pet urine or odor is detected by your technician, you will be informed and it will be assessed and removed accordingly depending on the situation. If urine or a heavy solution has penetrated deep into the padding, what's called a 'Pad Flush' may be performed (at an additional cost) to disinfect on contact and correctly rectify the problem area. If a odor is detected within certain areas or the entire property, a general deodorization can be performed (at an additional cost) to remedy the issue.

  • Our technicians use different techniques and perform extra 'drying' passes for faster drying times and tend to create uniformed patterns that give a pleasant "finished" look.

  • Once your cleaning is complete, we can protect the areas requested with our green-sealed approved solution.

  • The same general process is performed for all our other services, only utilizing different tools, solutions, and agitation patterns. Leather Conditioning is performed purely by hand. We can also clean Autos, RV's, Boats, & Misc. items, conduct Water Damage Restoration or Post Construction Clean-Up, please contact us to learn more.

  • After all work is finished, your technician will process your payment and remind you of our disclosure warnings as well as the expected drying times and drying conditions needed. You will be left with plastic booties to protect your carpet while drying, a receipt, a business card, and a handshake.

  • Thank you for trusting OCDHome® as your cleaning source!


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